St John the Baptist Church, Carhampton, Somerset.

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Prayer Diary

June 2021

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God.

Tuesday 1st Pray for the staff and pupils of our schools as they enjoy their half-term break.

Wednesday 2nd Give thanks and pray for our village communities.

Thursday 3rd Thanksgiving for the Institution of Holy Communion:

All praise to you, our God and Father, for you feed us with the bread of heaven. and quench our thirst from the true vine. hear our prayer that, being grafted into Christ. we may grow together in unity.

and feast with him in his kingdom. Amen.

Friday 4th Pray for all who are without secure work and for those whose income is insufficient to meet their daily needs.

Saturday 5th Pray for our local businesses and for farmers that there will be a good harvest.

SUNDAY 6th Pray for God’s blessing on Caroline and Margaret as they minister in the Benefice.

Monday 7th Give thanks for those who have guided and supported us in our faith and pray that we may be of help to others.

Tuesday 8th Pray for our Queen, our national and local governments and for leaders of integrity throughout the world.

Wednesday 9th Give thanks for our beautiful surroundings and ask for God’s blessing on our farmers.

Thursday 10th Pray for the people of countries torn apart by war and violence that they may know peace with justice.

Friday 11th The Feast Day of the Apostle Barnabas Give thanks for the Apostle Barnabas and for all who witness to the love of God revealed in his Son Jesus Christ.

Saturday 12th Pray for wisdom in the face of climate change.

God who walks with all who suffer, be with those struggling as a result of climate change. May we find new techniques, new technologies and a greater resolution to do what is necessary to reduce the harm we are doing.

SUNDAY 13th Pray for the parishes of Wootton Courtenay, Dunster and Timberscombe.

Monday 14th Pray for those we know who are sick, in hospital or waiting for the result of tests.

Tuesday 15th Give thanks for all who contribute in any way to the life and worship of our churches.

Wednesday 16th Pray for all refugees and migrants and for the countries to which they have fled.

Thursday 17th Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the Exmoor Deanery Synod meeting today.

Friday 18th Give thanks for the emergency services, air ambulances, coast guards, and lifeboat crews.

Saturday 19th Pray for all who are on holiday that they may act responsibly and be blessed by their time here.

SUNDAY 20th Pray for the parishes of Withycombe, Carhampton and Rodhuish.

Monday 21st Pray for all who are suffering from mental illness, for their families and for those who seek to help them.

Tuesday 22nd Pray for the West Somerset Food Cupboard, School Breakfast clubs and all who give generously to those in need.

Wednesday 23rd Pray that we may be good friends and neighbours.

Thursday 24th The Birth of John the Baptist:

Merciful Lord, you sent John the Baptist to proclaim your Son as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Grant that we who have known your forgiveness will never hesitate to speak of your mercy and your peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Friday 25th Pray for all who are to be ordained as Deacons or Priests this weekend.

Saturday 26th Give thanks for the joy of music in worship.

SUNDAY 27th Give thanks that we can worship in safety and pray for Christians who will face danger and persecution today.

Monday 28th Pray for all who are housebound and those who have moved into Residential Care Homes.

Tuesday 29th Peter and Paul, Apostles. Pray for our Archbishops and for all church leaders that the different denominations may work together to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Christ in word and deed.

Wednesday 30th Give thanks for God’s gift of prayer.

Lord, we thank you for all the prayers which have supported us in times of need, and we offer you this month’s prayers, trusting in your love for all people. Through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.