St John the Baptist Church, Carhampton, Somerset.

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Prayer Diary

March 2020

SUNDAY 1st The First Sunday of Lent Jesus is able to sympathise with our weaknesses, for he was in every respect tempted as we are, yet without sinning. Pray that God will help us to observe a holy Lent. St David’s Day. Pray for the people of Wales.

Monday 2nd Give thanks for Caroline, our Rector and Margaret, our Assistant Priest. May God bless their ministry among us.

Tuesday 3rd Pray for God’s blessing on all events planned in the Benefice this month.

Wednesday 4th Pray for the church and parish of St John the Baptist, Carhampton and St Bartholomew, Rodhuish.

Thursday 5th Pray for all affected by the recent floods.

Friday 6th World Day of Prayer Give thanks for the women of Zimbabwe who have prepared the service to be held in Carhampton today.

Saturday 7th Remembering those who are lonely, housebound or who have moved into residential care, pray that God will help us to “love our neighbours as ourselves”.

SUNDAY 8th Second Sunday in Lent Compassion and forgiveness belong to the Lord our God, though we have rebelled against him. Thank God for his mercy and forgiveness.

Monday 9th Pray for Syria, the Yemen and all countries where there is war and famine. May they find peace with justice.

Tuesday 10th Pray for refugees and all who are homeless.

Wednesday 11th Pray for all who are sick remembering especially those affected by the coronavirus.

Thursday 12th Pray for the church and parish of St George, Dunster and St Nicholas, Withycombe.

Friday 13th Give thanks for our NHS and pray for its future.

Saturday 14th Give thanks for our farmers and all who care for the countryside.

SUNDAY 15th Third Sunday in Lent The sacrifice of God is a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart he will not despise. Pray that God will help us to forgive those who hurt us.

Monday 16th Pray for the world to be willing to do what must be done in the face of climate change.

Tuesday 17th St Patrick’s Day Pray for all who live on the island of Ireland.

Wednesday 18th Pray for the church and parish of St Petrock, Timberscombe and All Saints, Wootton Courtenay.

Thursday 19th Pray for all who are suffering from mental illness and for better understanding and treatment for all who suffer.

Friday 20th Pray that the truth of the Gospel may be heard amongst so many conflicting voices.

Saturday 21st Pray for those we know who are nearing the end of life.

SUNDAY 22nd The Fourth Sunday of Lent. Mothering Sunday Give thanks for mothers. Pray for those who are experiencing difficulties and remember all who are feeling the loss of a mother’s love.

Monday 23rd Remembering those struggling to feed themselves, pray for an end to the need for a local Food Cupboard.

Tuesday 24th Give thanks for our street and school pastors and all who support them with prayer.

Wednesday 25th Pray for all who mourn that they may be comforted.

Thursday 26th Give thanks for Tracey our administrator and for all who contribute in any way to the prayer, worship and upkeep of our churches.

Friday 27th Pray for local shops and businesses.

Saturday 28th Pray for the staff and pupils of our schools in Dunster and Timberscombe.

SUNDAY 29th The Fifth Sunday of Lent Jesus died so that we should live no longer for ourselves, but for him who was raised to life for us. Pray for a spirit of generosity in our hearts and world. Pray for God's blessing on the Benefice Service at Dunster today.

Monday 30th Give thanks for the love and guidance we have received and pray for the Holy Spirit to use us to bless others.

Tuesday 31st Pray that we may be faithful and trusting in prayer.

Protecting God, when we fall, you quietly pick us up; when we fear, you gently hold on to us; when the future looks bleak, you nudge us onwards, until at last we find ourselves in the place you would have us be. Amen