St John the Baptist Church, Carhampton, Somerset.

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Prayer Diary

May 2021


Saturday 1st St Philip and St James Give thanks for all who have influenced our faith.

SUNDAY 2nd EASTER 5 Pray for Caroline and Margaret.

Monday 3rd Remember the housebound and lonely.

Tuesday 4th Pray for all in Timberscombe and Wootton Courtenay.

Wednesday 5th Pray for refugees and those suffering because of conflicts.

Thursday 6th Remember those who serve on national and local governments.

Friday 7th Give thanks for the strength we receive from our prayer group.

Saturday 8th Pray for those working in the NHS and emergency services.

SUNDAY 9th EASTER 6 Pray for the work of Christian Aid.

Monday 10th Remember all those who are unemployed or worried about the future.

Tuesday 11th Hold in prayer all who mourn.

Wednesday 12th Pray for all in Dunster and Carhampton.

Thursday 13th ASCENSION DAY May the spirit of the risen and ascended Lord guide us, in all that we do.

Friday 14th St MATTHIAS Pray for those stressed by family life.

Saturday 15th Give thanks for those who support the food cupboard.

SUNDAY 16th EASTER 7 Pray for our archbishops and all who are ordained.

Monday 17th Pray for successful easing of lockdown.

Tuesday 18th Remember all those who live in Rodhuish and Withycombe.

Wednesday 19th Give thanks for the support received from neighbours and friends.

Thursday 20th May we support our young people as they face uncertain futures.

Friday 21st Give thanks for all who care for others.

Saturday 22nd Pray for prisoners and their families.

SUNDAY 23rd PENTECOST (Whit Sunday) Give thanks for the work of Bishop Peter.

Monday 24th Pray for Bishop Ruth and our archdeacons.

Tuesday 25th Give thanks for the work done by charities.

Wednesday 26th Remember those who feel misunderstood.

Thursday 27th Pray for the Queen and the royal family.

Friday 28th Give thanks for the beauty of our countryside and for all those who care for it.

Saturday 29th Pray for our farmers and fishermen.

SUNDAY 30th TRINITY SUNDAY Pray for the unity and mission of churches worldwide.

Monday 31st VISIT OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY to ELIZABETH Pray for those awaiting the birth of a child.

May we walk in hope and confidence, To reach forward as God's hands and feet. In a life filled with purpose and meaning.