St John the Baptist Church, Carhampton, Somerset.

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Prayer Diary ~ October 2020


Thursday 1st Pray for all the churches in our Benefice.

Friday 2nd Give thanks for our Friday prayer group.

Saturday 3rd Pray for the churches in our Deanery and Diocese.

SUNDAY 4th Give thanks for the harvest of land and sea.

Monday 5th Pray that all may treat the wonders of our world with respect.

Tuesday 6th May we continue to experience the inspiration and refreshment received during lockdown.

Wednesday 7th Pray for those who have been affected by COVID-19 and especially those who mourn.

Thursday 8th Give thanks for scientists and researchers as they work to improve our lives.

Friday 9th Thank God for those who serve him in ways unseen by many.

Saturday 10th Pray for respect between the generations.

SUNDAY 11th Pray for Caroline and Margaret as they encourage in our benefice.

Monday 12th May we support all young people as they face uncertainties in their lives.

Tuesday 13th Remember all prisoners and those who work for their rehabilitation.

Wednesday 14th Pray for all imprisoned for their faith.

Thursday 15th Pray for the elderly.

Friday 16th Remember those living at Riverside and Carantoc.

Saturday 17th Pray for all who are used as slaves and for the end of slavery.

SUNDAY 18th ST LUKE Pray for Bishop Peter and his family.

Monday 19th Pray for peace in all the troubled parts of the world.

Tuesday 20th Pray for refugees and asylum seekers.

Wednesday 21st Give thanks for the example set by our queen.

Thursday 22nd May all who govern our nation do so wisely and with justice.

Friday 23rd Pray for churches throughout the world especially our links in Zambia and Old Cleeve.

Saturday 24th Pray for our families remembering any problems they might be experiencing.

SUNDAY 25th As the days shorten remember all who suffer from depression.

Monday 26th Give thanks for the support we receive from our neighbours and friends.

Tuesday 27th Give thanks for our churchwardens and PCCs.

Wednesday 28th ST SIMON AND ST JUDE May we support all who suffer from abuse.

Thursday 29th Remember those who are unemployed or worried for their future.

Friday 30th Give thanks for those who support the food cupboard and pray for all who use it.

Saturday 31st Give thanks for all those who have influenced our spiritual journeys.


May God help us to enter into the troubles of others, know them as if they were our own, and act accordingly.